Experienced Advice on Your Auto and Vehicle Insurance Needs

Part of being a responsible vehicle owner is carrying the proper insurance coverage. Insurance is vital to protecting you and other drivers against the costs of an accident, damage and theft. This extends beyond cars and trucks – insuring your boat, RV, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle is just as important as insuring your automobile.

For more than 35 years, Michigan Insurance Services Agency, Inc. has helped vehicle owners insure a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • Auto: Michigan law requires all drivers to carry no-fault insurance – failure to do so may result in a misdemeanor charge. Our agents are here to help you understand the state’s laws and compare your available auto insurance options.
  • Boats: While Michigan laws do not require boat owners to carry insurance coverage, it is highly recommended that you carry adequate coverage to offset the costs of an accident, loss, damage or theft. Our boat insurance experts are highly skilled at identifying viable coverage options for the months your boat is on the water, and while it is in storage.
  • Recreation vehicles: Few experiences can match the excitement of taking to the open road in an RV or hitting the trails on your ATV or snowmobile. Without the proper insurance coverage, that excitement can quickly turn to financial worry following an accident or loss. We offer the advice you need to explore RV, ATV, snowmobile and dirt bike policies.
  • Motorcycles: Riding a motorcycle, while enjoyable, is not without danger – motorcyclists involved in accidents often sustain significant and costly injuries. Motorcycle insurance provides peace of mind in knowing that your finances are protected in the event of an accident, damage or theft of your bike.

Our relationships with multiple insurance providers allow us to help you compare a range of coverage options and explore all available cost-saving strategies, including multi-policy discounts and seasonal coverage.

We Help You Understand Every Aspect of Your Insurance Needs

Auto and vehicle insurance is a complex product. We take the time to help you understand all aspects of your insurance needs and options, including:

  • Coverages: Vehicle insurance coverage comes in many forms. For example, you may choose to carry broad form coverage that protects against nearly every type of loss. Or, you may wish to carry limited collision coverage to limit the costs of accidents caused by other drivers. Understanding these coverage options and your protection goals is key to an informed insurance purchase.
  • Cost factors: Many factors impact the cost of an insurance policy, including the type of vehicle being covered, the value of the vehicle and the amount of coverage you wish to carry. Understanding these cost factors before requesting quotes can help to set expectations and a budget.
  • Unique challenges: Some situations, including those involving young drivers, may require special insurance coverage and a specific strategy. Planning for these unique challenges helps to manage costs without sacrificing coverage.

By offering this detailed information, we hope to help you make confident decisions on your insurance purchase.

Begin Comparing Auto and Vehicle Insurance Quotes Today

Comparing multiple insurance policies, and truly understanding the coverages each provides, can be a time-consuming task. We make the process easy – simply complete a single quote form and out experts will gather multiple quotes and walk you through each one.

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