Comprehensive Seasonal Home Insurance Advice

Michigan Insurance Services Agency, Inc. has helped Gaylord area residents compare and select seasonal home insurance coverage for more than 35 years. This experience, combined with our knowledge of insurance best practices, allows us to guide you through the process of requesting quotes and comparing your coverage options.

Seasonal Home Insurance Helps to Protect Against the Costs Physical Losses

Your seasonal home deserves the same protection as your primary residence – it is vital to insure your vacation property to offset the costs of unpredictable losses. We help you compare quotes for insurance policies that offer financial protection against a wide range of losses, including:

  • Damage: The average vacation home is more than an hour away from the owner’s primary residence. This makes protecting a seasonal home against damage challenging. Insuring your vacation home against damage caused by storms, fire, flooding, theft and vandalism is vital to your financial security and your lasting enjoyment of the property.
  • Accidents: Weekend excursions often involve exciting, but sometimes dangerous, adventures, including motorsports activities. Should a visitor to your cabin sustain an injury on your property, you may be held responsible for medical bills and other expenses resulting from the accident. By carefully planning your vacation home insurance protection and adding an umbrella policy, you can greatly limit your financial liability in the case of such an unfortunate event.
  • Renters: Renting your cabin to tourists and visitors to the area is a great way to subsidize your investment. If you offer your cabin or lake home on rental terms, it is important to insure your property against the additional hazards of having tenants. If you have entered into a long-term agreement with a tenant, be sure to require them to carry rental insurance on any property that they bring to your vacation home. (contact us for the unique risks this presents)

Our seasonal home insurance work with you to examine your seasonal home insurance needs and offer the personalized advice you need to make truly informed coverage decisions. We will help you review your specific situation and offer advice on any potential liability you may hold, and the available policies designed to limit them.

Why Choose Michigan Insurance Services Agency?

For over three decades, Gaylord area residents have turned to us for many reasons, including our:

  • Relationships: Since 1979, we have been building strong relationships with some of the nation’s largest insurance providers. These relationships allow us to help you compare multiple quotes and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each available policy.
  • Commitment: We are an independent agency, meaning that our commitment is to you, not a single insurance provider. We are committed to helping you find the policy and provider that best fits your needs, whatever company that may be.
  • Knowledge: We’ve dedicated our careers to understanding the nuances of the insurance industry. Our knowledge of potential liabilities, coverage options and available discounts helps us address your unique insurance needs while saving you money.

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Your seasonal home means a lot to you, protecting it should be among your top priorities. At Michigan Insurance Services Agency, we make the process of comparing and buying seasonal home insurance easy. Request a quote online or call 989.448.3334 to discuss your specific seasonal home coverage needs.

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