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For more than 35 years, the independent insurance experts at Michigan Insurance Services Agency, Inc. have helped Gaylord area residents compare and understand life insurance policies. Our knowledge of the best protection strategies and available policies allows us to take the complexity and discomfort out of choosing a life insurance plan.

Explore the Many Benefits of Life Insurance

Life insurance plans pay the beneficiary a set sum of money upon the insured’s passing. These funds can be used to cover the costs of funeral arrangements, outstanding medical bills and more. By providing a lump sum payment, life insurance helps to reduce the financial strain and worry during an extremely difficult time.

In addition to a cash payment, life insurance offers many benefits, including:

  • Income protection: The average employer-backed package may cover funeral expenses, with limited funds left over. These plans rarely cover lost income, or offer your family much needed funds to remain afloat in the event of your passing. An additional life policy may offer your spouse or loved ones the financial security needed to help them move forward with their lives and focus on their emotional well-being, rather than finances.
  • Peace of mind: Few things are as valuable as knowing that your family will be taken care of financially if something happens to you. Life insurance offers that peace of mind, letting you focus on enjoying the present with your family instead of worrying about their future.
  • Endowment opportunities: Some life insurance plans allow you to designate the payout as a gift to one or more beneficiaries. This strategy is perfect for parents or grandparents who wish to fund a child’s college education, as well as for individuals passionate about specific charitable causes.

For a few dollars a day, week or month, you can ensure that an accident or unforeseen health issue won’t ruin your family’s financial well-being.

Choose the Life Plan That Fits Your Unique Goals

Life insurance comes in many forms, making it important to select the type of coverage that meets your goals. Our staff helps you review your goals and family situation before offering advice on the life insurance plans that best meet your needs.

We work with multiple providers to offer varying forms of life insurance, including:

  • Term life insurance: Coverage offered at a fixed rate for a certain amount of time, term life insurance provides affordable and beneficial protection for your family. Choosing a term life policy will ensure that your loved ones are cared for should a covered family member pass away during the covered period.
  • Whole life insurance: Whole life insurance offers guaranteed life insurance protection over the course of your entire lifetime. In addition to the death benefit protection it provides, whole life insurance accrues cash value. This may be used for college costs or a down payment on a home, among other things.
  • Gift life insurance: Grandparents and others who want to leave a legacy may wish to explore the option of gift life insurance. A gift life policy allows you to pass any benefits to a grandchild, extended family member or charitable organization.

Our staff provides detailed advice and helpful answers to your life insurance questions to alleviate any confusion surrounding your coverage options.

Explore Your Life Insurance Coverage Options Today

While predicting your family’s financial future is impossible, taking steps to protect it is not. At Michigan Insurance Services Agency, we offer the advice and guidance you need to provide a stable financial future for your loved ones, through whatever may come. Request a quote online or call 989.448.3334 to begin comparing available life insurance plans.

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