Friendly and Personal Advice from Michigan Insurance Services Agency, Inc.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing the personal and informative advice you need to understand your specific coverages and to compare available policies and rates from a number of providers. As an independent insurance agency, we are bound to only one duty: to provide the quality service you need to secure the best possible coverage at the most affordable rates. We make every effort to offer insurance protection that’s personalized to you.

As an independent Gaylord, Michigan insurance agency with connections to a wide range of providers, we are able to offer the honest and helpful advice you need to understand your specific coverage requirements and the policy options you have to choose from.

Our Gaylord, MI Insurance Agency Offers Protection Personalized to You

Our friendly staff will take the time to get to know you, your unique insurance needs and your concerns before offering advice tailored directly to your situation. By working closely with you, we strive to help you choose the best possible coverage at the most affordable rates available.

This approach allows us to help clients throughout the Gaylord area during the search for a wide range of coverage plans:

Our relationships with multiple providers, including Auto-Owners Insurance, Cincinnati Insurance Company, Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company and Progressive Insurance Company allow us to offer multiple quotes on a wide range of auto coverage options. Whether you are a searching for coverage for yourself, your family or even a newly licensed driver, we help you explore all available policies and rate discounts.

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Owning or renting a home, condo or apartment can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, unforeseen events, including fire, storm damage or even theft, may leave you with costly repair or replacement expenses. Our staff offers advice on a wide range of homeowners insurance and landlords insurance, including coverage for seasonal or vacation homes.

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In this unpredictable world, securing a life insurance policy can be one of the most important steps you take to protect your loved ones. We work to help you find coverage that can protect your loved ones financially when they need it most.

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You’ve worked hard to grow your business; it is important to protect your investment from unpredictable events that can put a strain on your bottom line. Our business insurance advice is designed to help you protect your business from a range of losses, including property damage and liability issues.

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